Our Founders.

Kirk Aleman has has been involved with the entrepreneurial world of startups/tech for almost a decade, understanding the unique challenges presented when growing a company. He’s passionate about helping others succeed as it truly takes a village of outstanding people to build a great company.

Priten Shah has been working on and with startups since founding his first one in high school. He’s passionate about making sure startups get the help they need to take their ventures to the next level without being misled.

Our Story.

SansBull Pro is a result of two entrepreneurs bringing together their combined experience, skills, and interests to help companies take their ideas to new heights.

What started as just two people looking to shake-up traditional consulting has quickly grown to a team of 35 similarly motivated individuals based in two cities (Boston and NYC) who ensure that the SansBull Pro Method to consulting continues to produce maximal results for our clients.

Our Inspiration.

SansBull Pro was created out of a frustration with traditional consulting firms. We were tired of seeing companies waste thousands of dollars on useless and time-consuming advice that didn’t produce any results.

It was finally time to say goodbye to consulting that provided generic advice, useless activities, and irrelevant research.

Our Approach.

Our team takes a no-nonsense approach to consulting where clients’ needs become our own and their successes become ours. Companies need a place for all their consulting needs without having to jump through hoops to get solutions.

We give our clients a sense of comfort because we anticipate what they need even before they do and provide a one-stop shop for whatever it takes for them to thrive. From board meetings to late-night venting sessions, and everything and anything in between, SansBull Pro is your ally.

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