Biotechnology companies are using technology and innovation to solve some of our biggest problems in medicine/pharma. SansBull Pro helps those companies solve the unique challenges of running both a research-heavy and consumer-oriented business.

We can help you communicate better with your consumers, prioritize your initiatives, and customize your approach for your unique audiences.

5 Key Insights

1. Personalize Pharmacology for Individual Patients

Medicine is starting to take advantage of the enormity of information contained in the human genome to provide medications that are better suited for each individual patient. This has made it possible for biotech companies to ensure that patients get matched with the right drug sooner.

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2. Empower Consumers Through Data

Biotechnology companies are making use of aggregate data from clinical trials and patient reports to provide consumers with better information about their bodies. Collecting massive amounts of data using crowdsourcing also allows biotechnology companies to conduct research and mapping much quicker, speeding up progress in medical research.

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3. Educate Consumers With Genetics

Consumers are more open to genetic testing today than ever before. Providing cheap and quicker access to these tests allows the medical industry to move towards preventive care and help patients long before they show symptoms. Especially with diseases where early intervention is key, ensuring that more consumers gain access to this information will be the next major stride in medicine.

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4. Orient Towards the Consumer

Biotechnology is moving further towards direct-to-consumer marketing which brings a new set of challenges. Consumer marketing requires both education and persuasion which means that simplicity and iterating on user feedback are more important than ever for biotechnology companies.

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5. Anticipate the Changing Landscape of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has already undergone rapid changes due to advancements in technology and substantial foreign investment. However, the possible emergence of new players such as Amazon and the mergers of large biotechnology firms can be a cause for concern as they have the power and resources to turn the industry on its head. Being aware of these potential big players and the trends of the industry will help stave off any crushing competition in the future.

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