It’s time for an upgrade in education.¬†SansBull Pro¬†helps education companies adapt to the changing landscape of technology-integrated teaching and learning.

We can help you design an online learning environment for students, launch a product aimed at easing teachers’ burdens, and market a revolutionary solution for struggling districts.

5 Key Insights

1. Expand Access to Educational Resources

Education companies are continuing to help expand access to resources using online platforms that allow for rapid scaling of classes. Massive Online Open Courses (Coursera, EDx) and online learning platforms (Udemy, Custom LMS) allow companies to reach students across the globe in their own living rooms. As new data and research on the best practices in online learning continue to come in, the industry is refining its methods to ensure not only widespread access, but also student success.

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2. Integrate Across Platforms to Streamline Teaching and Learning

As old and new platforms continue to offer new features for teachers and students, cross-platform integration has become necessary for making it easy for educators to use new resources without adding unnecessary new work. Whether it be integration with grading platforms, standards databases, various classroom devices, or online LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom, or BlackBoard), having everything play nice is key to ensuring widespread acceptance by consumers.

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3. Help Teachers Focus On What They Do Best

Making the life of teachers easier, rather than more complicated, includes making the tedious parts of teaching easier, so teachers can focus on what they do best, teaching! Introducing platforms that include automated grading and easy access to simplified content and data help ease the burden of managing a classroom. Companies should continue to build on the trends that encourage teachers to “flip classrooms,” so they can focus on providing students with more individualized and interactive classroom experiences.

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4. Empower Teachers with Data and Analytics

Because a lot more of the teaching and learning takes place on technological platforms, we have more access, than ever before, to data and analytics on what works best for individual students. Using that information to provide adaptable platforms and inform teacher decisions is a powerful tool that is still underutilized in the industry. We need to continue to use this data to help teachers know what is or isn’t working more quickly and provide the tools so teachers can make the necessary changes to get every student to succeed.

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5. Meet Students Where They Learn Best

Teachers have to compete with the enormous amount of stimulation that modern students encounter. Meeting these students where they learn and think best will keep the focus on the learning rather than on management. Platforms that help teachers communicate easily with students and parents, provide a gamified learning experience, or allow students to complete assignments and study from their phones and tablets are all possible solutions.

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