Financial Technology

Financial Technology has made finance more accessible. SansBull Pro helps Financial Technology companies compete with traditional finance using innovative solutions to classic problems.

We can help you design a scalable product, improve consumer understanding of your offerings, and ensure your own financial success.

5 Key Insights

1. Generate and Retain User Trust

Financial technology has a much higher burden for generating user trust in their products and services. As established companies continue to innovate, newer companies will need to meet the expectations of their customers about privacy, stability, and safety of using their products. Trust is hard to win and easy to lose when it comes to money, and financial technology companies need to prioritize it above all else.

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2. Cast a Wider Net

Financial technology has made services and products once only available to the wealthiest individuals much more accessible and easy to use. Customers who are often ignored by traditional financial companies benefit from financial technology products and services that reduce the barrier to financial stability. Making sure products are marketable to everyone and not just industry insiders will ensure long-term scalable growth.

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3. Simplify Product Offerings

A lot of financial technology products are overcomplicated and inundate their customers with more features and services than the customer needs or wants. Because finance is already so intimidating, this is more likely to scare away a customer than attract a new one. Simplifying your major offerings, and then providing extras based on their usage and requests is a much more effective way to create a good user experience.

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4. Educate Consumers Effectively

As new generations of banking and finance customers enter the workforce, they need extensive education on personal finance and wealth-building. They are eager and willing to learn everything from credit building and investing to effective long-term budgeting and financial planning. Making this information accessible and useful to each individual is much more powerful than general wisdom that is hard to implement for the average consumer.

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5. Break Finance Norms

Financial technology companies are increasingly abandoning industry norms and conventions to ensure that they can innovate to meet the actual demands of their customers. Continuing to place more emphasis on consumer data and customer insight rather than on industry norms and tradition will ensure that flexible and adaptive financial technology companies achieve market penetration.

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