Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is reshaping every industry. SansBull Pro helps SaaS companies revolutionize their industry sustainably and at scale.

We can help you define your product roadmap, test your product/service with users, and collect the data necessary for generating profits.

5 Key Insights

1. Simplify, Rather Than Complicate Industries

Because of how ubiquitous SaaS companies have become, only those that are simplifying industry norms and processes, rather than introducing new complications, are penetrating the market. Companies need to articulate how they are making things easier and more efficient rather than just “more tech-based” or “cooler.”

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2. Focus on Ease of Use

SaaS companies need to make their products as easy as possible in order to retain customers. Extensive user testing and iterating based on customer feedback remain key to the longevity of a SaaS company. Now, customers abandon new SaaS platforms/products quickly, have a much higher expectation about the user interface, and don’t have the patience to put up with clunky or poorly planned products.

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3. Market Products/Services Effectively

Knowing how to translate your industry experience and product confidence to your consumers remain key components of widespread growth. Customers remain comfortable with tried and tested methods of doing things and being able to convince them to make the switch to your platform requires effective messaging across many different channels. Companies may know what their customers need, but making them conscious of it is an entirely different matter.

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4. Execute A Revenue Strategy

Too many SaaS companies have failed by putting revenue second to their product. Building in and implementing a revenue strategy from the get-go allows SaaS companies to gain investor trust or generate enough capital to keep pace with any rapid growth. Being clear about revenue strategies reduces headaches in the long run and helps everyone sleep at night.

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5. Use All Possible Data

SaaS companies benefit from being able to collect extensive real-time data about customer usage of their products. Knowing what data to collect and how to make changes based on that information is key to ensuring that you are anticipating your customers’ needs and making your product as useful as possible. Data allows you to see the results of your work before it trickles down to your bottom line.

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