Sales/Business Development


Sales Training

Training your sales team is paramount to the success of your company as you live and die by the revenue that your company generates. We will help ensure that your team is trained through the entire sales process from prospecting for clients to closing new business. No matter what the situation, they will be ready to handle objections and unforeseen scenarios.


Knowing what your revenue will look like in months, quarters, and years is key to understanding the health of your business. However, many companies struggle to accurately forecast revenue as they can get stuck in either over-estimating forecasts or bad practices leading to faulty and poor projections. We make sure that your sales team and their managers are properly trained in forecasting their active deals, and there is less fluff in their pipeline, so you have accurate forecasts.

Pipeline Management/CRM

As the saying goes in Sales: “A clean pipeline, is a happy pipeline.” It’s essential that your team knows exactly how to evaluate their deals in the pipeline. We will teach them how to evaluate the validity of a prospect, know when to advance a deal from one stage to the next, identify “dead deals,”¬†and accurately predict the “close date” for prospects.


Sales teams should always be learning and looking to improve wherever they can. Our sales coaching allows for one-on-one training with sales teams in order to improve their skillset. We review their current/past pipelines, listen to their recorded conversations with prospects, hold bi-weekly check-ins, and review KPI’s with individuals.

Key Performance Indicators

Having the right metrics for your sales team is not only essential for the evaluation of their success but also helps in accurately predicting the revenue growth of your company. We will help you understand which key performance indicators are of most importance to your specific organization as no two companies are alike.

Onboarding/Account Management

It’s great to close a prospect, but what do you do once they’re a new customer? We help your team take the proper transitionary steps between a “closed new deal” and an “active customer.” Onboarding can be a tedious and drawn out process if done incorrectly and can turn a happy new customer into an unhappy current customer. We will establish best practices will be established in order to ensure a seamless onboarding process for your customer, while also ensuring that that customer is managed correctly through their contract to ensure that they re-sign when the time comes.

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