SansBull Pro helps you craft the right strategy to ensure that your company is following a path that meets your goals.


Mission, Vision, Values

Coming up with the right mission, vision, and values can seem like a meaningless task when you want to get down to working on your product or service. However, having these things in place ensures that you and your employees have a framework by which to judge all decisions and evaluate performance. We will spend time either helping you arrive at your mission, vision, and values or revise them based on changes in your company.

Strategic Vision

Knowing where you want to see your company in the long-term, beyond just financial metrics, ensures that you don’t sacrifice your core vision for the company in service of short-term goals or progress. We help the executive or founding team come to a consensus upon a strategic vision and provide methods to ensure that all other planning and evaluations are done with this in mind.

Strategic Planning

Not only do you need to know what your strategic vision is, but you also need to have a plan in place to make sure you are working towards it. We perform SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analyses, take a survey of key stakeholders and partners, and help you map out metrics and indicators for knowing when you are making progress on your strategic plan.

Business Plans

We create and revise business plans that include all the necessary components of your company’s high-level fundamentals (strategic vision, financial projections, revenue strategy, marketing plans, etc). These documents can vary in complexity and length depending on the audience, and we will ensure that the business plan you have actually meets the needs you have.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Knowing what your metrics and indicators for success are, beyond revenue or profit, can help you track each department’s progress towards the larger goals of the organization. We provide indicators that work for your company and its goals and help design a dashboard so that everyone can keep track of how each indicator is performing for the company. Dashboards (either custom platforms or simple documents) can ensure that the executive team knows how to distribute its attention and employees can keep track of their own successes and failures without constant higher-level supervision.

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